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Movement Training Network (MTN)

Movement Training Network aspires to provide a different framework around how power and resource flows within social and environmental justice movements. 

Contrary to the dominant narrative, big-pocketed funders pushing nonprofits created in the image of corporate America is not the solution. Only grassroot-level organizing allows for the flexibility and deliverability of lasting progressive change and services. 

At MTN we believe that communities are entitled to set the agenda for our own liberation, while nonprofits should simply be a resource for that struggle.

MTN is devoted to emphasizing and providing associates, to the best of our ability, with the tools and space to create self- and community-care. We hold this as a core value to our work. This holistic approach to organizing creates a stronger balance between building a just future, while also challenging existing oppressive systems.


It is MTN’s foundational core belief that our communities know what they need and know what is best for them.


MTN believes that community- and self-care are not separate from organizing work, it IS the organizing work.


MTN is committed to providing critical compensation to local and national grassroots leaders, as well as significant program or project funding for communities.