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“Radical simply means grasping things at the root.”
– Angela Davis

In 2024, Movement Training Network (MTN) will begin a program of support for grassroot leaders and projects within social and environmental justice movements across Turtle Island. 

Replicating existing orders and systems while expecting a change that we wish to see in the world is fruitless—and as we outlined in our last newsletter. That’s what way too many of today’s nonprofits are doing. 

MTN will provide a different framework around how power and resource flows within social and environmental justice movements.

It is our foundational core belief that our communities know what they need and know what is best for them. From climate, to economic, to racial, to environmental, to gender justice and beyond, grassroot movements — when given the support they need to survive and flourish — advance equitable narratives while directly challenging decision-makers and the status quo. 

MTN is committed to providing critical compensation to local and national grassroots leaders, as well as significant program or project funding for communities. 

By providing long term and flexible funding, we will enable our associates to build more effective strategies for social change, while building innovative, values-aligned, community models that go beyond the power dynamics of traditional non- profit organizations and better serve the missions. 

This support doesn’t look like that of just another non-profit. It includes resourcing, capacity building, and an investment in personal and project development. We will strive to consistently support collective capacity growth and networking, experimental project development, and more, all at a self-determined and community-led pace.  

 To these local heroes and projects we’ll provide a fertilization of sustained growth and power. 

At the same time, MTN refuses to submit to corporate cultural ideals regarding productivity at the expense of human dignity and joy. Community- and self- care are not separate from organizing work, it IS the organizing work. 

Trauma-informed self- and community- care is a moral directive for our work. MTN will seek every opportunity to provide holistic and sustained mental health support and care for our associates, our work, and our communities. 

Professional improvement —whether through training, mentorship or sitting down over coffee — is another core value. Relationships matter. In fact, at the end of the day, they are all that matter. 

Quality relationships – rather than a specific, fixed goal or hoped for outcome – often produce unexpected and marvelous opportunities. And when associates can reach out to other leaders and projects as partners, grassroots power is multiplied. 

Ready to meet our first round of grassroots organizers and their projects?  Stay tuned for our next newsletter and as always, thank you for reading!