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We’ve talked about why MTN was created and what we’ll do, now for the best part —the grassroots heroes and projects we’ll support in 2024.

Decision-making authority will be distributed to the project organizers and the communities they serve. MTN’s role is to provide a fertilization of sustained growth and power, to drive resources, labor, networking, capacity building, skill-sharing, disaster mutual aid, and community- and self-care opportunities, toward our associates and projects, all to use in whichever way they choose.

So … drumroll, please … here are MTN’s 2024 pilot projects:

  • “Action Party” – A short film ripped from the frontlines of resistance retelling the stories of victories and failures as we try to save the world from catastrophic climate change and corporate greed. With Mark Tilson’s creativity, knowledge and vision, this film will be a visual anthology of direct action.
  • Bayou Food Forest – A free, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist nursery in traditional Atakapa/Ishak land of so-called south Louisiana, propagating fruit trees, perennial food crops & skill-sharing.
  • MTN National Training Program – Led by Cindy Spoon, the program will uplift and amplify existing resistance movements across the US, while providing local organizers new tactics and skills.
  • Be Everything Farming (BEF) – BEF, led by Travis London, is building a network of folks in Black communities along the Lower Mississippi River who are interested in building and/or maintaining organic food gardens for deeper community engagement, education, outreach, and nutritional benefit.
  • Delta Rootz – Lakota herbalist Anne White Hat is working to provide mutual aid, CPR certification, and medic training to tribal communities and mutual aid organizations in the Deep South, while also uplifting Indigenous medicines and clinical herbalism education exchange.
  • Din’e Land & Water (DLW) – Community leader Mercury Bitsui and DLW provide support to Navajo elders, families, and at-risk relatives by working to provide mutual aid – food, wood, water, as well as assistance with cultural practices, sustainable land projects, and residential solar power initiatives.
  • The Mountain Healing Space – We are creating a secure and relaxing family and community retreat space for community leaders, advocates, organizers, and activists who are in need of protection, growth, and healing.
  • RAM INC (Resist and Abolish the Military Industrial Complex) – This project aims to escalate resistance to the military industrial complex by providing critical research, organizing direct actions, and supporting the development of new anti-militarism movement formations.
  • Unkicinip – Waniya Locke and Unkicinip are focused on sustainability, livelihood, and culture in Lakota Treaty Territory. They are currently working to build structures for classes, meetings, and lodging, while also organizing traditional doula, language, health, ceremonial healing, and Earth protection opportunities to the community.


– 60% BIPOC

– 50% Indigenous

– 30% Queer

– 60% Women-led

– 30% Deep South

– 20% on a Rez

– 40% land projects

– 30% media and arts

– 70% grassroots

– 40% just transition work

– 30% nation-wide initiatives